I am having a hard time keeping track of all the colors I am using on this project.  I did not like the designer’s charted colors and have selecting colors based on photos of this sampler found here.  This means that I may have to use different colors for the same symbol in the chart.  I have been trying to keep track in an Excel spreadsheet but it is becoming rather inefficient and clunky.  So I had the bright idea of using my blog and photos to keep track (why didn’t I think of this before?).

All threads are HDF.  Some of the same colors are from different dye lots, and spooled in different sizes.  I have used the following letters to distinguish:  M = mini spool, m = micro spool, S = skein.

Border with Strawberries:


•    BeRedded (M)
%   Marsh Grass 3353 (m)
m   Oil of Amber 4115 (m)
♥    OMG Red 1137 (S)
:    Quernstones 5161 (M)

First Row – Motifs 1, 2, 6, and 7; Grass


°    Earth Stars 5213 (S)
u    Sea Wrack 3439 (M) – stems
u    Examplar Spinach Delight – grass
:    Oil of Amber 4115 (m)
//   OMG Red 1141 (S)
*    Fish Pepper 4421 (M)
=    Examplar Fleckstone (M)
1    Jackalope 5263 (S)
m   Haywains 4129

First Row – Motifs 3, 4 (center), and 5


Motifs 3 and 5 (right motif in above photo):

//    OMG Red 1143 (m)
♥     OMG Red 1137 (S) - top flower, urn, berries
♥     OMG Red 1143 (S) – middle flowers
°     Earth Stars 5213 (S)
m    Haywains 4129 (M)
=    Examplar Fleckstone (M)
*    Fish Pepper 4421 (M) 
+    Gandy Dancer 1103 (S)

Center Motif (on the left in above photo):

♥    Mystery Red Light
u    Pennywort 3449 (S)
1    Jackalope 5263 (S)
2    Zinc 5237
*    Fish Pepper 4419 (M)
>   OMG Red 1141 (S)
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