This is another version of the Dragon Droppings color by Vikki Clayton (here is an earlier one that I had written about).  I picked this up from her pile of manufacturing detritus when I visited her factory in November last year.  This is by far my favorite version and I am planning to use it for a new Quaker design that I am starting on the 15th this month.

I test-stitched the color on the new linen purchased I from the Ganders at the Kutzenhausen cross-stitch festival (more on that in another post).  This is the best linen I have ever stitched on.  I also like that their White is a soft white, rather than a bleached bright white.

 Pattern: Random motif

Fabric: 38ct White Gander

Fibres: HDF Dragon Droppings

Stitched: December 28, 2011