This is my very first reproduction sampler and I can see why stitchers are crazy about them.  The pattern was a Christmas gift from a dear friend (who also happens to be a colleague – how lucky is that!).  As soon as I got it in the mail, I knew I had to start it.  I love the look of the original sampler and did not much like the conversion or the charted colors for floss and fabric.  So I selected my own and am choosing floss based on photos of the original sampler at madelena.com.  It helps that my photographer husband has a huge monitor with perfectly calibrated colors – without it, choosing floss colors based on photos would have been very, very tricky.

The original sampler photos can be seen at the Madelena site, which auctioned the sampler.

Pattern:  Ann Dale 1827

Reproduced by:  Shakespeare’s Peddler

Fabric: HDF 40ct Dauphin (cotton-linen blend), mystery color from grab bag

Floss: HDF

  • Border: BeRedded, Marsh Grass 3353;
  • Strawberries in border: Oil of Amber 4115, OMG Red 1137, Quernstones 5161;
  • Grass: Haywains 4129 & Examplar Spinach Delight;
  • First Motif: OMG Red 1141, Oil of Amber 1145, Ex. Spinach Delight, Fish Pepper 21, Jackalope 63, Ex Fleckstone;
  • Second Motif: Earth Stars 5213, Ex Spinach Delight, Fish Pepper 21, OMG Red 1141;
  • Third Motif: Fish Pepper 21, Haywains 4129, OMG Red 1137, OMG Red 1143, Gandy Dancer 1103, Earth Stars 5213, Ex Fleckstone, Jackalope 5263;
  • Fourth Motif: Mystery Red, Pennywort 49, Fish Pepper 19, OMG Red 41, Jackalope 63, Zinc 5237

Started: January 14, 2012