Here is my progress on the Quaker Floral Puzzle.  Since I have been traveling a bit this past month, progress is slower than I would like.  Moreover, choosing my own colors has taken up a lot of time because the natural linen tends to subdue even the strongest and brightest of colors.  But now that I have picked all the colors, I hope this will go faster.

Pattern: Quaker Floral Puzzle

Designer: Ink Circles (Tracy Horner)

Fabric: 38ct Gander Natural

Floss: HDF Examplar Spinach Delight, Luteous Green, Conch Horn 1249, Enchanter Rose 23, Quince 11, Winterberry, Koi Gold 11, Gold Rush 35 and 29, Yonder Blue 15, Nosegay 2109, Bitterbloom 49

Started: November 5, 2010