One reason, among many others, that I enjoy visiting Iceland is that stitching and knitting are very popular crafts there.  It is a pleasure to see some of the traditional stitched pieces on display at remote farmhouses and guest-houses that we stayed in during the course of our travels around the country.  Over the last few years, I have tried to photograph these works and will post them here slowly.  But first, here is one of the needlework and knitting supply stores in Reykjavik that I visited a couple of times.  Erla (pronounced Ertla, with a soft t) is the name of the lovely lady that owns the store. Their website is here.

Prominently on display is a large frame with a traditional Icelandic design.  It is called Riddarateppið and is stitched in the long-arm cross stitch using Icelandic wool yarn.  It is available as a kit in the store.