This was one never-ending critter, but I enjoyed every minute of stitching it.  I had started it on the day of Divali in 2010 and then it sat in my WIP pile as I got attracted by other patterns.  I picked it again this year, determined to finish it before Divali 2012.  Choosing the floss colors on this fabric was a real challenge as natural linen tends to make most colors look washed out and dull.  This is my first Ink Circles project, but definitely not the last!

Pattern: Quaker Floral Puzzle

Designer: Ink Circles (Tracy Horner)

Fabric: 38ct Gander Natural

Floss:  Converted the DMC colors from the original pattern to Vikki Clayton’s HDF. Note that these are not straight DMC to HDF conversions, but modified to suit my fabric.

  • 152: Enchanter Rose 23;
  • 225: Quince 11
  • 353: Conch Horn 49
  • 368: Examplar Spinach Delight
  • 402: Mystery variegated floss (lavender-lilac shades)
  • 472: Luteous Green 55
  • 927: Yonder Blue 15
  • 3078: Koi Gold 11
  • 3341: Gold Rush 35
  • 2855:  Gold Rush 29
  • 3859: Bitterbloom 49 for the pots, and Winterberry for the flowers.

Started: November 5, 2010

Finished: October 13, 2012