I got a chance to visit this lovely festival of arts (hosted annually by Maison Rurale) last year in November.  Since I was new to the area, the logistics took a bit of planning but it all fell in place very nicely with the help of a few friends.  I have been sitting on these photos for a whole year and meant to post them right after I returned, but work and stitching and travel got in the way.  This week, I got the Maison Rurale newsletter about the 2012 festival and I felt compelled to revisit the photos.  I will post them in groups as I have a lot of pictures.

This first group was taken near the reception area.  They opened at 10:00 am but I got there around 9:45.  The ladies at the reception were very friendly and welcoming and allowed me to go in anyways.  Which was great because I was the only one there and I could view the pieces and take photographs to my heart’s content (I took photos only where we were allowed to do so).