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Here is the last set of photos.  After going through all the exhibits and stalls in the main area, I headed over the vendor stalls that were housed a few blocks away.  I was eagerly looking forward to meeting the famous Ganders (of Tissage Gander) there.  It was a special treat and the highlight of my trip to meet the artisans that made the fabric I hold in my hands during countless hours of stitching.  They were as nice as they had sounded on the phone.  Mrs. Gander, introduced me to some of her friends as someone who had come all the way from California and this created a bit of buzz – later, the local newspaper wanted to talk me, and Mrs. Gander said I would be mentioned in the article and we laughed about the stir my presence had caused 🙂  These photos are mostly taken at their stall.  I ended up buying even more linen at the stall, especially their patterned linen, which is not listed on the online catalog.

This lovely piece below was on display at one of the needlework store stall.  It enticed me to buy a piece of the same fabric that is stitched on: a Graziano 32ct with green checkered pattern on it.

After a couple of hours at the vendors area, I boarded a van to visit the other art displays that were housed in a neighboring village.  There were many gorgeous displays of art – glasswork, pottery, paintings, in very charming, rustic settings.  I did not take any photos there except for this one:

After that, I returned to the vendors area to pick up my linen purchases and bid goodbye to the Ganders.  The kind organizer ladies were very concerned about how I would get back to my hotel near the Haguenau railway station, and after a bit of discussion, the van driver offered to take me as he was finished with his duties at the festival.    We chatted pleasantly along the way.  I had dinner at my hotel in Haguenau and then took the train back into Frankfurt airport, where I was booked for the night before my flight back to California the next morning.   I was tired but giddily happy after the exhilarating experience.

Here are some of my purchases.

48ct in Antique White, Nacre, and Natural:
















38ct in White, Natural, and what is listed as AC in the catalog:

Gander patterned linen:

Some assorted pieces of Graziano gingham in 32ct that I bought at the needlework store stall: