I had been meaning to do this for a long time and even bought the paints more than a year ago. I finally got around to trying it today. I followed the instructions on this blog.

Here is the fabric in its original state – a badly mottled scrap of 40ct Dauphin that I found while puttering around in the HDF factory. Instead of the packing paper recommended on that blog, I cut up a paper grocery bag and used that instead.


Original mix was Coco and Parchment White, but it seemed too light, so I kept mixing different colors until I was satisfied with the shade.


Testing the colors as I went along. The color at the far right is where I had started.


Painted the fabric and then rolled it up and scrunched the paper. Set the timer for 45 minutes.


Rinsed thoroughly after 45 minutes, hung to dry until damp, then laid on a terry towel, covered with muslin, and ironed until dry. It turned out lighter than I wanted, but it’s okay because I think it will still work for my sampler.


Here is how it looks near the sunlight: