It’s only February and I am struggling to remember the stitching goals I had set for myself in that tiresome, yet recurring new-year fever that we all suffer in January.  Fortunately, I had blathered about them over email to some of my stitching buddies and I dug them out today.  Here they are, for my own easy reference:

  1. Finish Ann Dale.  I started this eagerly in January 2012, and then it languished as several charting errors were discovered.  I have fixed most of the errors now and want to finish this piece in 2013.
  2. Keep up with Marquoir Elise, which is scheduled to run until July 2013.  So far I have managed to stay current on the 8 parts that have been released.
  3. Knock off one of my UFOs (WIPs that have been laying around neglected for more than a year) – Odds and Ends 4 which I had started in the Sticklounge group but never finished.  Luckily the pattern was made available for sale.
  4. Stitch a couple of patterns from the stack that I have purchased over the last 3 years – maybe one Carriage House Samplings or Blackbird Designs, one from Jean Louis Grandsire, one from Mango Practique’s Agenda 2012.
  5. Stitch at least one pattern from the growing pile of freebies that I have collected over the years.   Completed gazette94’s Quaker 2010 Sampler and luli’s St. Valentine.

I am hoping this list will prevent me from jumping into impulsive starts through the year.