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The Quaker Puzzle went all over Iceland with me in June 2012. I love shooting photos of my WIPs in outdoor settings especially in beautiful Iceland. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to get both the scenery and the stitching in one frame. Another issue is ensuring that your piece does not get dirty.  Fortunately in Iceland, due to the extreme cold and remoteness of the places we visit, cleanliness is almost always guaranteed. I just have to keep the fabric from getting wet in the snow or dew.

This was taken at Hrafntinnusker in South Iceland. There was still some ash from the 2010 volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull lingering on the snowcaps of these mountains.


This is at Loðmundarfjörður in the Eastfjords of Iceland. We drove into the highlands one bitterly cold morning. Along the way, we came across this tiny valley bursting with colorful wildflowers.

This third photo is in Bakkaflói, East Iceland, where we came across an abandoned farmhouse during one of drives in the area. There was something rather haunting about this little house:

Since this design is now finished, it won’t be traveling with me anymore; so these photos are the last ones of the Quaker Puzzle.