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This was a travel piece that I started when was traveling last month, but I kept stitching on it even after I returned. It’s a very enjoyable stitch, and the lovely fabric and floss enhanced the whole process. For those planning to stitch this, note that the borders of the tree motifs at the top are charted differently on the left and right motifs. I am sure this was a charting error because the other two motifs below are mirror images of each other. I caught the error only after I had finished the piece, but it was an easy fix.


Here is a closeup. The fabric, with its pink undertones, was perfect for this floss.


Pattern:  Quaker 2010 (free)

Designer:  gazette94

Fabric: HDF 36ct mystery linen

Floss: HDF Rum Scullion 4343/Fagales 4465/Kodiak 5139 (Limited edition recreation of Weeks Swiss Chocolate; and White 5201 (#12 Perle)

Started: February 24, 2013

Finished: April 21, 2013