A few days ago, I returned home late in the evening, tired from yet another flight. There was a package waiting for me – it was from Vikki Clayton with my most recent order of silks, and an old box with a electric travel mug.  At least, that’s what the box must have originally contained ‘coz it said so on the box.  Inside, however, was a carefully wrapped roll containing these lovely things.  I was thoroughly puzzled because I know Vikki is too busy with her business to make these things.  But then I recognized the huswife because I had seen photos on a fellow-HDF stitcher, Anke’s blog.  Anke had posted photos of her WIPs and finished pieces a while back.  This was truly a surprise (most of the time, I am too tired or cranky to be surprised) because I did not “know” Anke personally.  I have always admired her remarkable finishing skills and wished I had some of that talent.  I had never imagined that I would actually get to hold and touch these treasures!

Huswife with matching needlebook, and a bigger needlebook, and fob:


Huswife opened up, with matching mini needlebook and thread winders:


Inside the larger needlebook:


Beautiful hand-crafted pins:


Thank you, Anke! These will sit by my side as I am stitching, reminding me of your graciousness.