April went by in a flurry of deadlines and out-of-town guests.  I did manage to stitch on most nights, but some days I was just too exhausted to pick up the needle.  And of course, it didn’t help that TCM ran a week-long tribute to John Wayne – who always gets my undivided attention.

I kept working on The Birds & the Bees.  I needed a break from those leaves, so I started the bird.  I was a bit conflicted on the choice of colors – whether to make the blend in with the leaves (as in the original design), or choose a different color so that it would stand out from the leaves. I finally went with the latter. I am not sure how the piece will turn out when complete, but so far I am pleased with the result.


And here’s how the WIP looks so far:


 Pattern: The Birds & the Bees
Designer: Carriage House Samplings (Kathy Barrick)
Fabric: HDF 40ct Cream
Threads: HDF silks (BeSeeded, BeVexed, Rubbed Fuchsia, Rubbed Dark Gold, Kodiak5139/Quernstones5169/Jackalope5271, Examplar Wattle N Daub, Rubbed Chocolate Version 2, Rubbed Roses Ver 2, Rubbed Turquoise, Rubbed Quartz)
Started: February 9, 2014