Here is my progress on this SAL, which is currently in its 19th week.  Forty bands have been released so far, and I am at #36.  Despite all intentions of staying current with the group, I fell behind but for good reason: pondering whether to stitch a few bands as charted, eliminate them altogether or stitch them with color changes.  Band #26 with the boys (or brats) and that chunky, ugly band #27 gave me the most heartburn.  However, the boys grew on me – I think they add a little element of surprise and playfulness to an otherwise predictable piece.  I alternated the clothing colors between blue and pink to make the band look less regimented (the original is charted with all the boys in blue clothing and shoes).  And I am quite satisfied with the result.  But I still hate that ugly chunky band #27.  Why did I stitch it?  Well, I am kinda determined that this should be a no-changes, mindless and relaxing project.


Band #32 is missing a few blue Xs, I have just been lazy to thread blue floss into the needle just for a few Xs.

Here is a cross-section. The linen color in the first photo is truer – for some reason, it is impossible to capture the true color of the fabric unless there is some white in the photo.


Pattern: Randje Per Week (free pattern)
Designer: Simone & Annalies of Soed Idee
Fabric: HDF 36×40 uneven linen in reddish brown
Threads: HDF Blue Pink (a “failed” color), Yonder Blue 2215
Started: January 9, 2014