I have admired Kathy Barrick’s designs for a long time, but it took a while to actually stitch one of them.  Now I wonder why I waited this long.  Fatigued by the Ann Dale sampler, I was looking for a fun stitch, a piece where I could go a little crazy with color.  The Birds & the Bees seemed perfect for my needs.  And what a joy this has been to stitch!  I enjoyed every bit of it, including the zillion leaves – I thought they would tire me to tears, but I managed to keep myself amused by changing the direction of stitching according to the movement of the leaves.  And of course, I changed all the colors from those in the chart.


I highlighted the birds instead of hiding them (you can see the original here):


I used French knots for the centers of the fruit (berries?) in the tree and basket. I had originally intended to leave the centers unstitched but Vikki came up with the great of idea of using French knots – this made a huge difference to the final look of the piece!


I used four different variegated colors for the tree to get better shading effects.  I am almost sorry this is finished.  Fortunately, I have several other Kathy Barrick charts in my stash 🙂


 Pattern: The Birds & the Bees
Designer: Carriage House Samplings (Kathy Barrick)
Fabric: HDF 40ct Cream
Threads: HDF silks (BeVexed, Rubbed Dark Gold, Rubbed Fuchsia, BeSeeded, Kodiak5139/Quernstones5169/Jackalope5271, Examplar Wattle N Daub, Rubbed Chocolate Version 2, Rubbed Turquoise, Rubbed Quartz, Rubbed Roses Ver 2, Rubbed Lavender, Rubbed Yellow, Rubbed Vermillion, Old Maid of the Soil)
Started: February 9, 2014
Finished: July 6, 2014