I have been sample-stitching 24 new colors that Vikki dyed recently.  She dyed them when I visited the factory last month. It has been fun to see each color in its different avatars: the freshly dyed hank of silk, then the dried hank (the color seems to lighten up a little upon drying), on a cone, on a spool, and finally, stitched.  Stitching the same motif over and over again drove me quite batty initially but later it became almost soothing 🙂

IMG_1178sm-FrameShopIMG_1179sm-FrameShopHere they are all together:



Motif: From Token of Love by Stickideen von der Weihenburg
Fabric: Zweigart 40ct White
Threads: HDF silks (New Examplar colors)
Started: July 1, 2014
Finished: July 18, 2014