We are going through this process at work, so I thought I would do one for my stitching.  It’s tedious and boring and even depressing to evaluate actual versus projected, but still much more fun than the one at work 🙂  So here is how I stand on my 2014 goals:

  1. Completed FebFinish Ann Dale or kill myself.  Completed February 2, 2014
  2. Finish at least one of the two unfinished ones mentioned above (Marquoir Elise or Odds and Ends 4).  A big F on this one!
  3. Complete the Nativity Table Runner from Blackberry Lane Designs that I started on Christmas Day 2013.  Um…not a single stitch since Christmas.
  4. Start the Icelandic sampler and make decent progress on it.  I need to paint the fabric a dark brown because I have not succeeded in finding or dyeing the dark brown color that is needed for this in 40ct linen.  See above.
  5. Stitch a couple of smalls from purchased or freebie designs.  Working on Be True by Plum Street Samplers. Almost done. 
  6. Organize my stash of HDF floss.  This will be slow going because I have to wind all the skeins onto spools, sort and wind dbag floss, print labels, update my spreadsheet.  I might not be able to finish this in 2014, but I want to at least make some headway.  Organized up to Earth Stars.
  7. Keep up with the Stitch from Stash 2014 group that I just joined.  I have kept away from blog groups and SALs so far, but this is a different kind of exercise and there is a lot of flexibility because I can stitch whatever I want.  Moreover, it will keep me motivated to post more regularly here.  I am still participating but have probably busted my annual budget already 😦   No blog posts on this topic in the last couple of months because I have no new starts or anything to show.  
  8. Keep up with the Randje Per Week SAL.  Lagging behind at band 41, while the group is at band 60 right now.  I focused on finishing the CHS piece; now that I am done with it, I am back on this one again.
  9. Last and most important, keep stitching!  This is one goal I have had no problem meeting, knock on wood!