I was cleaning up my stitching basket (aka dumping ground for things I don’t want in sight) this morning and found some unfinished pieces at the bottom of the basket. I am posting them here – perhaps I will be guilted into finishing them someday. The first two are projects in the now-defunct German yahoo group, Sticklounge.  The group was based  on the German principle of “stitch each part before you can get the next part”.  I just could not keep up with the round design and I can’t even remember why.  However, I did purchase the full design when the designer subsequently released it.


Pattern: Odds & Ends 4 (aka Sticklounge Logo)
Designer: Tam’s Creations
Fabric: HDF 35ct Mermaid Blue
Threads: Assorted HDF silks
Started: July 16, 2010

This next one was a mystery design.  Each block made me wonder why I signed up for such a silly design and by the 9th block, I was ready for divorce.  That empty block bothers me and I occasionally toy with the idea of stitching it up, but there is an easier solution, which is to hide it again.  The colors do look pretty though, don’t you think?


Pattern: Cannot recall 😦
Designer: See above
Fabric: Zweigart 40ct (Newcastle) Flax
Threads: HDF silks – Enchantress & Popinjay
Started: Don’t recall