I had started this little freebie design a while ago, but by the time I reached “True”, I got bored. I finally finished it this week during a torturous cross-country trip (SF-Boston one day, Boston-SF the next).  I worked on several unfinished pieces during these flights, but this is the only one I finished.  I think I am beginning to hate stitching on airplanes, especially if traveling economy class on a full flight.  In those cramped and crowded spaces, t’s much easier to watch a movie or read a book than than futz around with fabric, pattern, scissors, needle, and thread.

Pattern: Be True (free pattern)
Designer: Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: HDF 40ct (new) scrap
Threads: HDF silks: Marsh Grass 3351, Quince 1407, Quince 1413, Ecru, Mystery black
Started: Don’t recall
Finished: Sept 25, 2014