• October and November few past with too much travel and too little stitching. India, Malaysia, back to India, then back to the US, then Dallas.  A couple of WIPS traveled with me but didn’t see the light of day, except when my nieces wanted to see my work.
  • I have pretty much given up stitching on planes.  It is not relaxing at all.  I think I hate stitching in public.  Stitching is my retreat from the world, a solitary activity.  So doing it in the cramped confines of a plane surrounded by too many people just defeats the purpose.
  • Most of my silk stash is now organized.  So are my patterns and fabric.  I still have to wind and label bags and bags of loose silk floss but 95% of my organization is done.  I can’t tell you how good that feels, even though I got behind on some of my stitching goals.
  • I am pondering stitching goals for 2015.  As in, I don’t want any.  I am tired of goals.  Life goals, work goals, financial goals, exercise goals.  Maybe I will just stitch by whim. Maybe I will just want to sit and watch TV and not stitch.
  • I kept looking and looking and looking at the Jane Ballard sampler.  I think I am over her now.  But you never know.  I still look once in a while.
  • Here is another piece I have fallen in love with:  Strawberry Fields Forever.  Maybe I will buy it for Christmas.  I don’t much care for the song though.
  • How come the very things that attracted you to a sampler become so tiresome when you have to stitch them? Take the flowers in Shooter’s Hill for instance.


Pattern: Shooter’s Hill
Designer: Heartstring Samplery
Fabric: HDF 40ct Peach Butter
Threads: HDF silks (Rubbed Old Gold, Umbrage 3465, Kodiak Bear 5125 and 5131, Attar of Roses 1233, SeaWrack 3437/PennyWort 3449/Marsh Grass 3553, Rum Scullion 4333, Liquid Gold 4171, )
Started: August 10, 2014