I am going through my old posts on a blog I briefly maintained on the HDF site before I started this blog.  The entry on May 3, 2010 ran like so:

Here is my progress on the project that I am stitching in the Marquoir group (pattern is by Jean Louis Grandsire). I have completed 9 parts. The pattern is being released in 36 parts.  

I am using Examplar White Chocolate and a mystery dark color. Do you notice the difference in shades of the dark floss? I kitted this when I was an HDF newbie and had no idea that the dates on skeins represented dye-lots. I had 5-6 skeins of this color in dbags and I could have sworn they were all the same shade – I looked at them several times in daylight. It does not bother me yet, but I am a bit worried how the final piece may look awkward. Should I frog? 


Eventually I decided to keep calm and stitch on without ripping the offending parts.  The piece turned out just fine.  It’s been almost five years now and I still agonize about color choices but I have stopped wringing my hands over minor changes in shades and dye lots; in fact, I welcome them as they break the monotony of a color and add interest to the piece.  Here is finished work.


Pattern: Carré Coeur
Designer: Jean Louis Grandsire
Fabric: 40ct Newcastle Flax
Threads: HDF silks (Examplar White Chocolate and a mystery maroon)
Started: December 28, 2009
Finished: April 17, 2011