I loved fairy tales as a child and I still do.  Back then the stories were an escape into imaginary worlds where everything turned out okay in the end – the evildoers got their just deserts and the good ones lived happily ever after.  As an adult, I am fascinated by their subtext, and the way the exaggerated characters often contain a kernel of true human behavior.  So when Kirsten of Kissy Cross showed her fairy tale charts on her blog, it brought back many nice memories of childhood and I knew I had to stitch them all.

The first in the series is The Town Musicians of Bremen by the Grimm brothers.  The story titles in the charts are in German. I considered translating to English but then decided that they sounded more romantic in German (for example, who could disagree that Dornröschen carries a ring to it that Sleeping Beauty doesn’t?).  But I did have some trouble with German spelling 🙂


I stitched the entire design in Vikki Clayton’s Rubbed colors – a limited edition series of 60 colors that she did in 2013.  I am glad I collected the entire series because they are incredibly lovely.  Just look at the Rubbed Grey on the donkey!


The house turned out darker than expected and I initially fretted over it.  But now I like it because it looks a little more sinister than the original design.


I am stitching all 6 blocks on a single piece of linen.  Next one will probably be Rapunzel.  Or maybe Little Red Riding Hood.


Pattern: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Designer: Kirsten Schmidt (Kissy Cross)
Fabric: HDF uneven 36x40ct Peach Butter
Threads: HDF silks (Rubbed Colors – Moss, Lime, Jade, Bronze, Brown, Sampler Brown, Chocolate Brown v1, Chocolate Brown v2, Hare, Dark Copper, Failed Orange, Grey, Ash, Silver v1, SSF in Black)
Started: Jan 1, 2015
Finished: February 22, 2015