Someone started a One Day Wonder Challenge at a stitching forum that I frequent.  Based on a selected theme, you have to pick a design and stitch it in one day – the timeframe runs from midnight to midnight.  I was immediately drawn to the idea.  It would break the monotony of my current WIP, provide the excitement of a new start and the gratification of a quick finish, and I would put my HDF sample tag skeins to good use.


So I selected a small pattern from my voluminous freebie folder.  It was only 43w x 42h.  Husband was away, I had the house to myself, it was a Sunday, and I had no other distractions.  Easy peasy.

Except that the design had 21 colors. I was bored as soon as I had started.


Here is what I accomplished by the end of the day:

Then the week rolled around and I had to work, cook, eat, watch TV, read my Ken Follett tome, and do all sorts of things to avoid stitching this aggravating piece.  I ploughed through it on three additional days, about an hour at a time. It was like pulling teeth. I finally finished it on Saturday.  Now I see why it was called a challenge.


Pattern: Spring 2002 (free)
Designer: Whispered by the Wind
Fabric: Zweigart 40ct Cream
Threads: HDF silks (Examplar Pettyfog, Kodiak Bear 5129, 5133, 5141, Alluvium 3401, 3405, Velvet Midnight 2151, 2153, Imperial Green 3327, 3331, Sue Purple 6103, 6105, 6107, Sea Wrack 3429, 3431, 3433, Cerveza 4141, Fish Pepper 4421, BitterBloom 4447, Phlox 1337, 1341, Backstitch in SSF OMOT Soil and OMOT Surf )
Started: March 29, 2015
Finished: April 4, 2015