Family matters, including an unexpected death of a close family member this summer, have kept me away from this blog and from stitching in general. I had been looking at my threads, linens, patterns, and reading other stitching blogs but just did not feel like stitching. Slightly alarmed by this, I forced myself to stitch this weekend and while I didn’t get the same pleasure as before, it still felt good. I am hoping that doing a little bit every day will take me back to the old pleasures. Today as I was clearing up space on my computer, I came across photos of the new Examplar cones that I had shot when Vikki first dyed them. I am posting them here for reference. Post is pic-heavy!

Examplar Azurite: ExAzurite-FrameShop

Examplar Blush Cherries:ExBlushCherries-FrameShop

Examplar Buckwheat PorridgeExBuckwheatPorridge-FrameShop

Examplar ConiferExConifer-FrameShop

Examplar Crimson RoseExCrimson-Rose-FrameShop

Examplar Curry FavellExCurryFavell-FrameShop

Examplar DovecoteExDovecote-FrameShop

Examplar Dried HydrangeaExDriedHydrangea-FrameShop

Examplar Fantasy BirdExFantasyBird-FrameShop

Examplar Fire BrickExFireBrick-FrameShop

Examplar Hedgerow ExHedgegrow-FrameShop

Examplar LavenderExLavender-FrameShop

Examplar Ocean FoamExOceanFoam-FrameShop

Examplar OleanderExOleander-FrameShop

Examplar PeacockExPeacock-FrameShop

Examplar PeahenExPeahen-FrameShop

Examplar PrimroseExPrimrose-FrameShop

Examplar RainbowExRainbow-FrameShop

Examplar RosebushExRosebush-FrameShop

Examplar SeashoreExSeashore-FrameShop

Examplar Summer DuskExSummerDusk-FrameShop

Examplar Tussey MusseyExTusseyMussey-FrameShop

Examplar Weeping WillowExWeeping-Willow-FrameShop

Examplar Wooded Glen ExWoodedGlen-FrameShop