I have been plodding along on Jane. I love how the colors have come together.  I got started on the specialty stitches in the bottom border. Youtube tutorials on the stem stitch were very useful. The chart instructions are to trace the outline for the leaves with a pencil using the dark diagrams provided, and then fill in with stem stitches. I did this for a couple of leaves, then got tired and just stitched using my eyes as a guide. jane-frameshop

I made a mistake on the inside blue border: on the right side, I kept stitching the ovals mindlessly and forgot the straight line in the middle. I realized it only when I fell one stitch short for the last oval at the bottom-right corner. Normally, I would not have bothered to correct it, but in this case, that straight line is needed to accommodate the large flower (see the border on the left). So I frogged. Things dragged a bit after that. To perk things up, I started a new project on Friday (will post it later).


Pattern: The Jane Longstreth Sampler
Designer: Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College
Fabric: 38-ct Nacre by Gander
Threads: HDF silks
Started: August 21, 2015