We have been visiting Iceland almost every year since 2006. One of my great delights during these trips is seeing embroidered pieces given pride of place in homes, farmhouses and hotels. This is particularly observed in the countryside and smaller towns. In the summer of 2012 we stayed at Ytra-Áland, a very remote farmhouse in north-east Iceland. They had a very old traditional piece hanging on the wall by the entrance.



Colors in these old Icelandic works were muted and subtle because the threads were dyed using natural ingredients instead of chemical dyes.


It’s not a cross stitch. Not sure what the stitch is called but it appears to be a simple vertical stitch. I love the movement and flow in this design!


The fabric is a gorgeous shade of brown, probably locally made and dyed. I have not seen it sold in any of the needlework stores I visited in Iceland, so I am guessing it is no longer made.


This charming piece was hanging in one of the inside hallways. It is also stitched in the vertical straight stitch of varying length. ytra5-frameshop_1

I am looking forward to going back there some day and admiring these beautiful works at close quarters again.