Fabric Inventory

After dithering for quite a while, I finally decided to create a pictorial inventory of my fabric stash.  The task is cumbersome, but the advantages are many.  I won’t have to rummage through all my craft drawers to select fabric for a pattern. I can access it from anywhere.  It will deter additional fabric purchases.  Lastly, organizing stash is its own hobby 🙂  So here goes.  I will add to this list in batches.

HDF 36-count One Yard Pieces

Lot 1 – All mystery colors except the far right, which is BeGrimed.


Lot 2 – Mystery colors


The following is a close up to show the lovely mottling of the two pieces on the right in Lot 2.

36ctyard_lot2closeup Lot 3 – mystery colors except the second from left, which is Cream.  The third one from the left is a very mottled Cream.



 HDF 36-count Half-yard Pieces

Lot 1 – Various dye lots of Zymurgy.  The two smaller folded pieces on the right are actually fat quarters from the same dye lot as the half yard piece to their left.36ctHalfYard_Lot1 ZymurgyLot 2 – Mystery colors. I had to stick in some white in the frame to accurately capture the colors.  Folded piece at the far right is the same dye lot as the fabric beneath it.


Lot 3 – Mystery colors. The two pieces on the far right are from the same dye lot.


Lot 4 – Mystery colors.  The dark piece in the middle is actually not a half yard, but a long, narrow cut (11.5″ wide, 48″ long; with selvedge at the short end).



HDF 36-count Quarter-Yard Pieces

All mystery colors.  The piece on the far left is less than a quarter because I cut a portion of it for gazette94’s Quaker Sampler.


Bob at HDF showed me how to identify various types of linen by looking at the selvedge of the fabric. The 36t selvedge has short ends and a white thread running through it.



HDF 36/40 Uneven Linen

The selvedge on this linen has double lines of gold thread running through it.  I measured the linen first along the selvedge going left to right, then the non-selvedge top to bottom.


With uneven linen, how does one decide fabric orientation (that is, whether you want the 36-count to be vertical and 40-count horizontal or vice versa)? The orientation causes the stitching to be fatter or skinnier than the same design stitched on evenweave fabric.

So which side on this linen is 36ct and which side is 40ct?  Holding the fabric with the selvedge on top, I made 10 vertical and 10 horizontal stitches.  Note that the vertical line measures exactly a half inch.  So a full inch would accommodate 20 stitches; thus the fabric is 40-count vertically (with selvedge on the top side).

Uneven Measure2

The vertical line of 10 stitches measures more than half an inch.  See how the half inch  mark meets the 9th stitch? Thus, one inch would hold only 18 stitches; thus, the fabric is 36 inches horizontally (again, with the selvedge on top of the fabric).  If I am using uneven linen, I like the stitched design to look fat rather than skinny; hence, I measure the fabric in this way. If you want the skinny look, stitch with the selvedge to the left or right rather than at the top or bottom.

Uneven Measure1

Now on to the fabric inventory.

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Full Yard

L to R: Undyed (46.5″ x 61″); Muffin Top (39.5″ x 60″); Light Coffee (37.5″ x 60″); Kodiak Bear (38″ x 60″)

Uneven Full Yard

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Odd Cuts

L to R: Brown (28.5″ x 60″); Mystery (29″ x 58″); Muffin Top (29″ x 55″)

Uneven OddCuts Lot2

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Half Yard Lot 1

Top to Bottom – Lentil, 2 different dye lots of Buttercream, Examplar

Uneven Half Lot 3

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Half Yard Lot 2

Left to right:  Mystery, BeDrabbed, Peach Butter, Mystery

Uneven Half Lot4

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Half Yard Lot 3

L to R – Undyed, Zweigart Antique Ivory, Zinc, Mystery Blue

Uneven Half Lot5

HDF 36/40 Uneven – Half Yard Lot 4

L to R: 2 dye lots of Bedstraw, 3 dye lots of Zymurgy (last piece is a fat quarter)

Uneven Half Lot6


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